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"Learn How To Tattoo" Series

  • Learn How To Tattoo - Part One
    If you want to learn to tattoo the first step you must take is learning everything there is to know about the tools involved in tattooing. There are numerous different types of tools available on the market. Whenever possible, always try to obtain the best quality equipment you can afford. While this may mean you...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Learn How To Tattoo - Part Two
    The second thing you should know when you learn to tattoo is how the tattoo machine works and how to use it. Remember this is where the entire process will begin. As the ink flows through the machine the designs in your mind or on your template will begin...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Learn How To Tattoo - Part Three
    When you learn to tattoo it is important to know that many tattoo artists consider needles to be one of the most important pieces of equipment in the process. Tattoo needles are so important to the process that most artists will use a needle only once or...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Learn How To Tattoo - Part Four
    When you learn to tattoo the next step in the process is learning how to properly prepare both yourself and the person you are tattooing. This is extremely important because it involves safety precautions that will keep both of...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Learn How To Tattoo - Part Five
    When you learn to tattoo it is also important to learn how to make your own stencils and apply them. Remember that your stencil will serve as the basic outline for the design you will create. Toward that end, the stencil is the best way...READ FULL ARTICLE

"The Secrets of Tattooing"Series

  • The Secrets of Tattooing - Part One
    If you have an interest in learning the secrets of tattooing you should know the first step is to learn how to tattoo the safe and right way. Regardless of how much skill you may pick up along the way, if you do not take the...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • The Secrets of Tattooing - Part Two
    The second most important of the secrets of tattooing you should understand involves being organized. You will need to make sure you have collected all of your equipment prior to this time and ensured that each piece is...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • The Secrets of Tattooing - Part Three
    Learning to use your equipment correctly is one of the final secrets of tattooing you must focus on in order to become a good tattoo artist. While observing an experienced tattoo artist at work is a great way to pick up on...READ FULL ARTICLE

More Tattoo Articles

  • Learn to Tattoo for Free!
    While it may seem incredulous to you, it is quite possible to learn to tattoo for free. If you have an interest in this fascinating and beautiful art form, you should know that with time and dedication you can become a great tattoo...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Courses in Tattooing-Jumpstart your Tattoo Career
    If you’re interested in taking courses in tattooing, be aware there are many different ways you can go about it. One of the most common reasons for failure to succeed in learning to tattoo; however, is simply giving ...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • How to Tattoo Aftercare -Tips and Advice
    Getting a tattoo is an intensely personal experience and failure to follow correct how to tattoo aftercare shouldn’t interfere with the pleasure of getting a tattoo. It is extremely important for the tattoo artist to understand how...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • DIY Tattooing-Learn the Secrets
    If you are interested in DIY tattooing it is important to first know that learning to tattoo requires time, patience and dedication. The most common downfall of anyone learning to tattoo is that they throw in the towel before...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Self Tattooing
    If you are interested in self tattooing it is important to first find out as much information as you can regarding the equipment you will need, the correct sanitization procedures to follow and then the actual tattooing...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Tattooing and Nudity-What you’ve Always wanted to Know
    In the last few years society has undergone so many changes, tattooing and nudity have become a much larger part of our culture than it once was. This is primarily due to the fact that society is now much more willing...READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Free How to Tattoo Info-Find out What you’ve Always Wanted to Know
    Of course, one of the best places you can go for free how to tattoo info is:
    Tattoo Articles . This site will provide the in-depth information you need to know about tattooing in order to get started on the path toward becoming a tattoo...
  • Where to Find Informative Articles on Tattooing and Body Piercing
    When first considering tattooing and body piercing, either for yourself or when thinking of becoming a professional tattoo artist or body piercing artist it is important to find as much quality information in the form of articles...READ FULL ARTICLE